Best Practice Day for agile and digital manufacturing and smart logistics

This year’s Best Practice Day was dedicated to sharing best practices in smart logistics in manufacturing. At the conference, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – The¬†Electronics and Electrical Industry¬†Association, participants were introduced to practical examples of solutions for agile and digital manufacturing, supply chains, and the technological transformation to the world of smart logistics.

They were presented by international experts, including Radmila Wollrab, Project Manager within the Helios Resins Business Unit at Helios TBLUS, who highlighted the importance of the transition to a sustainable society, which the chemical industry must also follow. She presented the company’s focus on the production of environmentally friendly innovative products using bio-based raw materials. However, agile logistics can affect the green transition with its impact on the supply of sustainable raw materials and the collection and further use of production waste, and the reuse of recycled materials. The main challenge of multimodal transport remains the poor existing railway infrastructure.