Certified by ISCC Plus

In recent years, customer requirements, legislation and sustainable trends have again necessitated an increase in the share of sustainable raw materials. Customers are also increasingly aware that independent certification, based on strict standards and requirements, really contributes to environmental responsibility. There are various organizations and certification schemes on the market. ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a certification system that offers solutions for the implementation and certification of sustainable supply chains of raw materials and products, and also shows savings in greenhouse gas emissions.

Following the requirements of the ISCC Plus certification system, we at Helios Resins have certified a range of polyester resins. The use of the system ensures that the final product is produced in a way that is not harmful to the environment and takes into account the social aspects of production. It is the social aspect that distinguishes the ISCC from other comparable schemes, as the social criteria for sustainable production are very high.