Helios Resins’ team of highly qualified and motivated experts continually works to optimize existing products and pursue new opportunities through innovation. By working closely with our customers, we provide full support at all stages of collaboration and help solve any challenges along the way.

Through patents, both issued and pending, we seek to protect our technical advancements and maintain our position among the market leaders.

We are recognized for our innovative solutions and diligent work. In 2018 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia presented us with an award for developing a group of acrylic binders for use in metal and wood protective coatings with a reduced amount of hazardous organic solvents – while maintaining the high quality of the binders.

Our saturated polyester resins are widely used for can and coil coating applications. Helios Resins covers all the standard applications in both segments. When flexibility, durability and good appearance are expected from coil coatings, Helios Resins superdurable polyesters can be trusted to deliver. For more challenging applications, like can interior coating, we provide BPA-free alternatives, which are in compliance with FDA and European regulations. Helios Resins high molecular weight polyesters enable interior coating formulations that are resistant to more aggressive food types.

Also, in the sphere of composite resins, Helios Resins has introduced several advanced polymers for composites. We developed a high-performance infusion molding DCPD resin for the wind industry, launched in the market novel vinyl ester and hybrid resins for marine applications, and successfully developed self-extinguishing and flame-retardant composite resins for use in transport vehicle parts.