For more than 30 years, the OFI has been organizing the International Hermann F. Mark Symposium, where current issues in the field of polymer science and plastics industry are being addressed. This year the symposium took place on September 7th in Vienna and was organized in co-operation with the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) as part of the Danube Vltava Sava Polymer Meeting (DVSPM). Experts from the field exchanged ideas and presented recent developments and trends in reactive coating materials. Martin Ocepek, PhD, research engineer at Helios Resins, introduced the company’s special group of Hydroxy-functional acrylic resins, a state-of-the-art technology in the field of 2K PUR coatings for its perfect combination of drying speed and pot-life. The presentation was well accepted among the participants, who showed great interest in these novel resins.

OFI is the leading expert in materials technology and building renovation, and with this symposium, the OFI commemorates Hermann F. Mark (1895 – 1992), a pioneer in modern polymer chemistry research. As a professor of chemistry at the University of Vienna, he wrote over 600 research papers and some 40 books on polymer chemistry, and was the recipient of many medals and honorary degrees.

Such events greatly contribute to new market development of this specialized group of resins. Helios Resins, this year’s sponsor of the symposium, takes part in them to discuss the current issues with other experts in the field and make these products better known among the coating producers.

Martin Ocepek, PhD, Research Engineer, Helios Resins

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