There is a lot of talk about 3D printing, but many who do not know it professionally find it to be a remote technology yet to come. This statement is both correct and somewhat wrong.

3D printing offers us unimaginable possibilities of creating solutions in an easier and faster way. It is not true that this is a technology yet to come, as it has been present among us for some time, but it is certainly true that it has not yet reached its peak. In many industries, 3D printing is already used today, and the possibilities of use are almost endless, as it is one of the most promising technologies of the future.

In the industry, 3D printing can be used to make prototypes, components of finished products or finished products themselves. It is already used in dentistry, as well as in healthcare, and in the future it will not be unusual for us to print prosthetic devices with the help of a 3D printer. We even read recently that scientists have managed to print a miniature human heart.

3D printing has many advantages

It is basically a process in which a physical object or object is created by adding material from a digital model. One of the best features is that in 3D printing – in contrast to other techniques of creating the final product – we use only as much material as we need for a 3D model. The material is stacked on the board in layers and the physical model is made in one piece. It can have moving parts, it can also be hollow. Different materials can be used for printing, so the products also differ in strength, flexibility, elasticity, and other properties.

What is Heliores 3D Rapid 10?

Helios Resins has developed Heliores 3D Rapid 10, a product under the Heliores 3D brand. Since the name alone does not tell us much, let’s see what it’s all about and what the product is for. Rapid 10 is a liquid photopolymer for 3D printing and is intended for general use with many types of SLA and DLP printers. It allows fast and very accurate printing of elements. It can be used, for example, for prototypes and modelling and has similar properties to ABS and PP PLA filaments.

Rapid 10 is designed to prevent bending and ensure good bonding of layers, making it suitable for both prototypes and complex finished products, tools or small production batches. It is a highly reactive and precise liquid polymer and is the first Helios Resins product to be designed not only for the industry but also for the end user.



For demonstration of its use by dental technicians, please watch the video below: