At HELIOS, we are daily monitoring developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and implementing various preventive measures aligned with the recommendations of state institutions. Below please find the latest updates, measures and guidelines related to the topic.

At the moment, all HELIOS production sites are running without disruptions, with exception of the Ecopolifix SRL company in Italy. In the last week, we additionally increased our inventories, as well packaging levels at all production sites. We are also in close communication with our suppliers in order to assess possible risks in the supply chain. At this time, we are experiencing minimal disruptions to our raw material supplies. We are doing our best to keep our service levels high. However, as the situation with the suppliers across the Europe and transport companies changes daily, please take into the consideration some delays in deliveries and longer waiting time. In case there are some significant obstructions to our deliveries, we will keep you informed.

Due to the current situation and in accordance with government ordinances from Slovenia and Austria, our retail stores for private customers are closed as of March 16, 2020. This applies to Mavrica shops in Slovenia and Fritze Lacke shops in Austria. All customers who are due to this exceptional situation unable to access our stores in Slovenia, are kindly invited to make their purchase in our online store.

At HELIOS, we are daily monitoring the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and implementing all necessary measures while ensuring uninterrupted flow of our operations. At the same time, health and safety of our employees and other stakeholders is being our primary concern. In the last two weeks, we have prepared several guidelines and measures to maintain appropriate hygiene standards in offices, common areas and production facilities. We have also prepared additional guidelines and measures for all visitors and external contractors of HELIOS locations, and arranged dedicated areas for truck drivers.

With the aim of reducing physical contact, we have enabled our employees to work from home, where possible. We have cancelled all business trips, trainings, educational activities and events, as well other non-urgent meetings. We are still available for you through our standard contacts within HELIOS companies via emails, mobile phones and other alternative options of remote communication, such as teleconferences or Skype calls.

We hope that above mentioned measures will cause least possible disturbance on our communication, delivery and efficiency of business operations. We believe that together we will overcome the difficulties and build even stronger foundation for the time when the situation will return to normal.

For the past two months, we have been monitoring the developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak situation daily, offering guidance and regular updates. However, with the virus now detected in several places across the Europe, we are intensifying our organizational response.

All HELIOS production sites are based in Europe and are continuously running without any disruptions. At the moment, we are not aware of any cases of coronavirus spread between our employees or within our locations. In addition, HELIOS also maintains a strong position in terms of inventories and strongly developed network of multiple sources. We are also in close communication with our suppliers in order to assess possible risks in their supply chains.

At this time, we still do not anticipate any impact on our supply chain as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. As the situation in Italy changes daily and may have some impact on our supply chain, we will keep you further informed. The same applies for the operations of our company Ecopolifix, located in Italy, which currently runs separate communication with all customers and business partners.

At HELIOS, safety and health is important. That is why we have drawn up several measures and guidelines to prevent possible spread of coronavirus infection at the workplace and business trips, as well guidelines on meetings and events and visitors.

At the workplace:

  • Frequently washing hands with soap and water or disinfecting hands if water and soap are not available (as directed by the national public health institutes).
  • Avoiding close contacts with people who show signs of infectious disease and visitors from Italy or other high-risk coronavirus areas, Italy, China, South Korea.
  • Following the rules of cough hygiene (as directed by the national public health institutes).
  • In case we feel sick, we stay at home. If any employee has a family member with a coronavirus infection, they should notify their superiors.
  • Avoiding enclosed spaces/rooms with large numbers of people and provide regular ventilation of enclosed spaces.
  • Cleaning and regularly disinfecting objects and surfaces that we frequently touch.

On business trips:

  • All trips to Italy or other high-risk coronavirus areas are banned until further notice.
  • Preventive hygiene measures should be followed on all business trips. Close contacts with people who show signs of infection should be avoided.
  • After returning from all business trips, we monitor our health for about 14 days – if fever, malaise and cough occur during this time, we consult doctor and stay at home.
  • Employees who have been in high-risk coronavirus areas, Italy, China, South Korea in the last 14 days should immediately report this to their superiors and stay at home.

Meetings and events:

  • The number of meetings, events and trainings at our locations will be reduced as much as possible and postponed to a more convenient time.
  • If possible, we are using long-distance alternatives, such as phone-conference calling or Skype calls.
  • We will postpone all meetings and visits of customers and business partners coming from Italy and other high-risk coronavirus areas until it is determined that the corona-situation is under control.

Visitors from outside of HELIOS:

  • All visitors at HELIOS locations (customers, business partners, suppliers, contractors) must inform us whether they visited high-risk coronavirus areas, Italy, China, South Korea in the last 14 days. In such cases, the visitors are not allowed to enter the premises.
  • All visitors at HELIOS locations should have their temperature checked before entering our premises. Visitors with a fever are not allowed to enter the premises.
  • HELIOS will provide designated areas and facilities for suppliers, e.g. truck drivers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this exceptional situation. Should you require any update, your regular contact persons within all HELIOS companies are at your disposal.