Self-matting 2K PUR Topcoat for Wood coatings based on Domacryl 540 50 BAc

Matte coatings have become popular for their soft, velvety look and ability to hide imperfections. However, achieving a deep gloss is challenging and often requires costly matting agents, affecting mechanical properties. Durability is also a concern due to their rough surface.

At Helios Resins, we’ve developed two solutions. Our self-matting resin provides a strong matte effect, suitable for aesthetics-focused applications. Additionally, for surfaces where durability is paramount, we have developed a starting point formulation that achieves outstanding protective properties and at the same time imparts a matte appearance and soft touch feel.

DOMACRYL 540 50 BAc:

Gloss is an optical property which depends on the texture of the surface. Surface roughness determines how light reflects or scatters. Namely, glossy surfaces reflect light directly, while matte surfaces disperse incident light to multiple directions due to their textured surface.

To achieve a matte effect, coatings often require various matting agents. However, at Helios Resins, we offer a cost-effective solution with our self-matting hydroxy acrylic resin, Domacryl 540 50 BAc.

This resin creates a matte appearance without additional inorganic matting additives. Our starting point formulation for a white topcoat based on Domacryl 540 50 BAc achieves a matte gloss level of just 1.8 GU at both 60° and 85° measuring angles, even without silica. Coatings formulated with this resin are ideal for industrial wood and metal finishing applications.

DOMACRYL 5245 75 BAc:

In today’s coating materials, matte appearance and soft touch are highly desired, especially for applications like kitchens that require durability and chemical resistance. However, the matte finish can make coatings vulnerable to damage due to surface roughness.

At Helios Resins, we’ve developed a solution using our advanced high-solid, high OH resin, Domacryl 5245 75 BAc. This topcoat delivers a soft-touch matte appearance with gloss levels measuring 6.6 and 20.4 GU at 60° and 85° angles, respectively. It offers remarkable durability, enduring rigorous testing including over 200 double-rubs with MEK.

Additionally, the coating is environmentally friendly, as 17% of Domacryl 5245 75 BAc resin comes from renewable bio-based sources, and due to high solid content of the resin, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of only 337 g/L was achieved.