Using water as a solvent to meet regulatory standards

With continuous technological advancements in the last quarter century, water-based products have gained strong popularity compared to their solvent based counterparts. This mostly resulted from strict VOC regulations, worker safety and other environmental issues. While solvent based products still have a place on the market; water-based products are driving the evolution of the coatings industry.

Helios Resins offers a wide portfolio of water-based resin systems tailored for both specific substrates and end-use applications. Water-based resin solutions help our customers meet environmental compliance requirements and reduce human health hazards, while maintaining the high-performance level expected from the markets.

Water-based resin technology uses water as a carrier medium and diluent instead of the traditionally used VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). As the key ingredient of coatings, water-based resins enable the production of environmentally friendly coatings, low in toxicity and flammability.

Our eco-friendly and high-quality water-based resin brands are:

DOMEMUL – Primary Acrylic Emulsions

DOMACRYL – Secondary Acrylic Emulsions

DOMALKYD – Alkyd Emulsions and Water Thinnable Resins

DOMOPOL – Polyester Emulsions and Water Thinnable Resins

DOMOPUR – Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD)

For a more detailed overview of our product portfolio, read our leaflet or contact us directly.